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Traffic Offenses in Ohio

With so many people on the road and so many distractions, traffic accidents happen daily. Some traffic offenses are minor and other result from a devastating accident. Drivers often do not realize the impact that even minor traffic offenses may have on their insurance and possibly even criminal record.

Some types of traffic offenses include:

  1. Speeding tickets;
  2. OVI/DUI;
  3. Reckless operation;
  4. Failure to control;
  5. Stop sign violations;
  6. Driving under suspension;
  7. Leaving the scene of an accident;
  8. Marked lanes violations.


If you have been charged with a traffic offense, even if it is a minor offense, contact a licensed Ohio attorney to discuss your case.  To contact Yates Law Office, LLC, click here to be directed to the Contact page.