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Real Estate Transactions in Ohio

A real estate attorney may be needed for commercial leases, investment property, residential rentals, or single-family home transactions. Attorneys can assist home buyers and sellers in creating purchase agreements, title searches, residential and commercial leases, and residential and commercial transactions.

The Importance of Hiring an Attorney for your Real Estate Transaction

Real EstateThe world of real estate is often unfamiliar to those looking to buy or sell their property. There are many areas of a real estate transaction that an attorney can help with. It is always best, and sometimes required, to have real estate contracts in writing. An attorney can prepare purchase agreements that can be used to enforce a transaction that might otherwise fail or fall short of expectations. A title search is also an important process of buying real estate. A title search should reveal any other parties having a claim to the property and helps ensure that the buyers will not be surprised by a undisclosed creditor after their purchase.

Residential lease agreements should also be prepared by an attorney to ensure that all landlord/tenant requirements are satisfied and the lease is enforceable. Commercial leases are much different from residential leases and should also be prepared by an attorney. Commercial leases address complex situations and should be prepared by an attorney to ensure the client is protected.