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Probate in Ohio

When discussing “probate” the thought of an estate might automatically come to mind, but the probate courts have jurisdiction over other types of cases as well. Probate refers to the division of the Common Pleas courts of each county that have jurisdiction over specific types of cases including:

Estate Administration (Full Administration, Release/Relief from Administration, Summary Release)
Guardianship of Incompetent Adults and Minors
Marriage Licenses
Name Changes

Estate Administration

When a loved one passes, dealing with their remaining assets and debts can be a burden on the family. There are many things that can affect how an estate is handled such as the size of the estate, the type of property remaining, and whether there is a valid will. Ohio has three main types of probate actions including a full administration, a release from administration, and a summary release from administration. For more information about the different types of estate administration click on the types above to be directed to each specific page.

Guardianship of Incompetent Adults and Minors

Adults can be determined to be incompetent and in need of a guardian to make decisions for them. Children can also need a guardian, even when they have a living parent. Guardianships can be of the person or of the person and estate. For more information about guardianships of minors and incompetent adults click here to be directed to that page.


Ohio allows both minors and adults to be adopted under certain circumstances. There are times that a child may be adopted by two adoptive parents and other times where a child will be adopted by a stepparent. For more information about adoptions click here to be directed to that page.

Wills & Estate Planning

There are various documents that should be executed to assist in situations that may arise during a person’s lifetime and also those that arise after. Estate planning can include making sure that assets are properly disposed of to avoid or reduce probate, executing a living will and last will and testament, and executing financial and medical power of attorneys.  For more information about each of these topics click on the topic to be directed to that page.