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Juvenile Law in Ohio

Ohio has separate divisions or courts to deal with cases related to juveniles. The juvenile court is a division of the Common Pleas Court in each county. Larger counties may have several magistrates in the juvenile division and others may only have on judge. Juvenile law and cases heard in juvenile courts include abuse, dependency, and neglect cases; contributing to a minor cases; juvenile traffic cases; custody cases between unmarried parents; and delinquent juvenile cases.

Some cases in juvenile court are criminal and some are civil. The nature of the case depends on the type of case that is presented. An action for custody, for example, is a civil case but an adult charged with contributing is a criminal case. The penalties for juvenile offenders is also very different than for adult offenders. For more information about penalties for delinquent or unruly juveniles click here to be directed to the appropriate page.

Guardian ad litems are also often used in Ohio juvenile courts and is a term unfamiliar to most parents.  A guardian ad litem may be appointed by the Court to assist the Court in investigating the circumstances of a case.  For more information about guardian ad litems click here to be directed to that page.

For more information about juvenile cases, click on the appropriate links to be directed to topic specific pages. Contact a licensed Ohio attorney immediately if you are involved in a juvenile case to ensure your rights as a parent as protected.