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Modification of Spousal Support in Ohio

A Court may order one spouse to pay the other spouse a monthly payment as the result of a divorce. This monthly spousal support is often referred to as “alimony.” Spousal support is typically a set amount that must be paid to the former spouse for a certain period of time or in one lump sum.

There is no set calculation in Ohio for spousal support and it is essentially up to the Court’s discretion based upon the evidence presented at hearing. Spousal support is often determined by the education of the parties, the length of the marriage, the earning capacity of the parties, work history of the parties, and many other things.

Many courts elect to retain jurisdiction over spousal support meaning that the Court has the ability to modify spousal support if requested. If a spouse’s situation drastically changes it may warrant a modification of spousal support. The Court may not automatically adjust spousal support without a request from one of the parties.

If you believe your spousal support should be modified, contact a licensed Ohio attorney to find out more information.