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Modification of Child Support in Ohio

With parents changing jobs, changing careers completely, and having additional children that they are paying support for the original child support calculation may no longer be accurate.  There is a set formula for calculating child support in Ohio and many of the items affecting the support amount include each parents’ income, spousal support, insurance costs, and support paid for other children.  When a parent changes jobs their pay may drastically increase or decrease and the cost of the child’s insurance may also change.  The amount for child support is not automatically changed every time a parent’s income changes so a parent may find themselves unable to support themselves after paying child support.  In Ohio there are two main ways to modify a child support order:

  1. Through the Child Support Enforcement Agency (CSEA)or;
  2. Directly requesting a modification from the Court.

Process through CSEA

Either parent or legal guardian can request that child support be modified or reviewed. The CSEA has a process where a request can be made to review the current support order to determine if it appropriate given the parties’ current income. Requesting a review through CSEA can take months before a determination is made and the result may be an increase, a decrease, an addition of medical support, or no change in the amount of support. The CSEA will only review a support order once every 36 months.

If a modification needs to be conducted sooner or other circumstances exist that may not make a CSEA review practical, a parent or guardian can request the Court to modify the order. Requesting a modification from the Court will nearly always result in a hearing, unless all parties agree to the change. At the hearing, it will be the duty of the party requesting the change to show why it is appropriate. As with a CSEA review, the Court’s decision may be to increase, decrease, add medical support, or leave the order the same.

If you have recently become unemployed, changed employment, or believe other circumstances exist that would affect your child support, you may need to request a modification of support.  Failure to have your support modified could result in financial hardship, arrearages, and contempt charges for failing to pay support.  Contact a licensed Ohio attorney if you are wanting to modify a child support order to discuss your options.