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Dissolution In Ohio

DissolutionA dissolution is a no fault termination of a marriage where both spouses agree to end the marriage. The parties jointly request that the Court terminate their marriage and agree on all matters related to the termination. There are no contested hearings conducted for a dissolution as there are no contested issues. Typically, a final hearing may be the only Court appearance required during the entire process as opposed to countless Court dates that may be required for a divorce. If the spouses are able to agree on all aspects of the ending of the marriage, a dissolution is often the quickest and least expensive way to end a marriage.

Dissolution Process

A dissolution begins with both parties, known as “petitioners”, filing a joint action for dissolution in the appropriate Ohio Common Pleas Court. There may be many documents that are required for a dissolution depending on the local rules of the Court and whether there are minor children involved. A separation agreement is one required filing that addresses all aspects of the marriage and its termination. A shared parenting plan may also be required if the parties plan on sharing custody of any minor children. Due to the importance of disposing of all marital issues, the complexities that arise in preparing dissolution documents, and the various local Court rules, it is important that a licensed Ohio attorney be consulted regarding filing for dissolution.

Jurisdiction and Venue

Just as discussed in the divorce section, jurisdiction and venue are also relevant to an action for dissolution. Each county may have its own local rules relating to when venue is proper in that county. A Court must have jurisdiction and venue must be proper for a dissolution to be granted.