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Types of Theft Offenses in Ohio


Theft offenses are classified as crimes of moral turpitude involving conduct that is dishonest and deceitful. A conviction of a theft offense can have serious affects on educational and employment opportunities.

Ohio recognizes several types of actions as theft offenses as specified in Ohio Revised Code chapter 2913. Unauthorized use of property, forgery, and passing bad checks are all considered theft offenses. Depending on the type of theft, the victim, and the value of the property the offense may be a misdemeanor or a felony.

A petty theft occurs when the value of the property is less than $1000 and it was taken without consent, beyond the scope of the consent, by deception, by threat, or by intimidation. A petty theft is a misdemeanor of the first degree in Ohio. If the value of the property is at least $1000 but less than $7500, the offense is a felony of the fifth degree. The degree and seriousness of the offense increases if the property was taken from an elderly person or disabled person or if the property was a type of firearm.

If you are charged with a theft offense, contact a licensed Ohio attorney immediately as it can have a detrimental impact on employment opportunities, education opportunities, and serious financial consequences.